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Butterscotch beer and Fried Green Tomato’s

The Butterscotch beer was sweet and tasted like caramel with Sprite. Mom thought it was too sweet to drink and Dad did too but I thought it was pretty good actually. The bottle looked really cool. It had a little cauldron with a broom behind it.  It had gold writing on it, i liked that. Butterbeer

the fried green tomato chips . . . . they have a little tiny bit of spice and a lot of salt. They taste exactly the same as fried green tomato’s but the crunchyness is too much. Fried green tomato’s shouldn’t be that crunchy.  Mom said they taste like mustard . . . I don’t think she is right.


I am going to be writing about lobster chips, buffalo and blue cheese pretzels and pizza pretzels soon. I have so many things to try!

Like tonight we had Duck stirfry, this is the first time I’ve tried duck and I liked it a lot. My Dad caught the duck himself and brought it home for supper.

See you all later!!

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Pie in chip form??

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My first fun chips in a long time and I picked the coolest bag ever!  These came in my Japan package and they are AWESOME!


these are my most favorite ones I have had by far. I thought they were going to be sour but they aren’t! The taste exactly like Key Lime Pie. 20170128_192412NO seriously . . . . they actually taste like a piece of pie. The crunchy chip part not really but you cant really taste the potato.

I was Shocked! I didn’t even want to open another bag to try, and that 20170128_192425shocked mom. So I told her they are exactly like pie and she didn’t believe me at first, I could tell, so she ate one and then said they taste just like key lime pie, just like I said. She said they taste creamy like the filling – and I saw her take a couple more so I know she liked them too.

you have GOT to try these, I don’t know why we don’t have them here . . . but they sure make me want to try the blueberry ones if I ever see them.

2 big thumbs up!


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Holy Smokes!

Look at all these chips I get to try!


I can’t believe it . . . that’s a LOT of chips! Some of them are pretty interesting looking.

I tried some that came from China. A super nice lady came to our house and dropped them off in person . . . all the way from China!

Lime, Cucumber, Mexican Tomato Chicken, Numb& Spicy Hot Pot (Im a little nervous about this one) and 2 more that we aren’t really sure what they are supposed to taste like so its going to be a surprise.

I tried the Mexican Tomato Chicken with the nice lady that dropped them off. I really liked them, they don’t taste like chicken though. They tasted like my vegetable soup. Mom and the nice lady agreed and said it tasted like minestrone soup ( I guess that must taste like my vegetable soup) i would for sure get these again.

I have a friend over tonight so maybe we’ll try another one and get a guest tester. I’m so excited!!  I’m going to have another guest tester from my Beaver Scout troop soon I hope.

Have a good night everyone!