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Butterscotch beer and Fried Green Tomato’s

The Butterscotch beer was sweet and tasted like caramel with Sprite. Mom thought it was too sweet to drink and Dad did too but I thought it was pretty good actually. The bottle looked really cool. It had a little cauldron with a broom behind it.  It had gold writing on it, i liked that. Butterbeer

the fried green tomato chips . . . . they have a little tiny bit of spice and a lot of salt. They taste exactly the same as fried green tomato’s but the crunchyness is too much. Fried green tomato’s shouldn’t be that crunchy.  Mom said they taste like mustard . . . I don’t think she is right.


I am going to be writing about lobster chips, buffalo and blue cheese pretzels and pizza pretzels soon. I have so many things to try!

Like tonight we had Duck stirfry, this is the first time I’ve tried duck and I liked it a lot. My Dad caught the duck himself and brought it home for supper.

See you all later!!