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I’m Back!! And I have candy . . .

I have been gone for a long time.  I have been doing a lot of activities with Cub Scouts and school and a bit of shopping too for stuff to write about.

I have a LOT of chips to try, and I’ve tried a whole bunch but today I’m going to talk about some candy too (Mom said she is having trouble getting my pictures on here so I’ll write about candy first)

I get a lot of candy from a really cool store by my Mom’s work downtown its called Teeyah’s and they have So. Much. STUFF! And ice cream – there is a lady there named Paige and she makes the most awesome legendary cones. She has made 2 for me already ( I wrote about them) but I haven’t finished them yet.

Mom won a contest they had and got a big bucket of candy. 300px-Razzles-Wrapper-SmallThe first one I tried were Razzles. They are sour, but then turn into gum.

I’m not really sure if I like that. I tried about 3 and that was enough.

Besides there are pop rocks in there!! I tried strawberry M&M’s. 32892145550_625088e5c0_zI didn’t care for them. They are crunchy and I don’t know any strawberries that are crunchy. I wouldnt buy them.  I did try the butterfinger peanut butter cups though, those were awesome! But they don’t 11559really taste different than peanut butter cups though so I can eat those (and you get 3 in a pack instead of 2)


I did try a couple of chips. One is pizza flavoured nachos and it was good but kind of weird. It really did taste like nachos with pizza spices on them its super cool. The last chips I’m writing about are the Old Dutch Roast Chicken. They were ok, but just ok. I had Roast Chicken flavor from UK and they were so much better. I’d rather not buy these ones again, but I would get the London ones.

This has been a lot of writing for me, i’m still learning to type and it takes a long time.

I will be back soon with more chips and candy!

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Butterscotch beer and Fried Green Tomato’s

The Butterscotch beer was sweet and tasted like caramel with Sprite. Mom thought it was too sweet to drink and Dad did too but I thought it was pretty good actually. The bottle looked really cool. It had a little cauldron with a broom behind it.  It had gold writing on it, i liked that. Butterbeer

the fried green tomato chips . . . . they have a little tiny bit of spice and a lot of salt. They taste exactly the same as fried green tomato’s but the crunchyness is too much. Fried green tomato’s shouldn’t be that crunchy.  Mom said they taste like mustard . . . I don’t think she is right.


I am going to be writing about lobster chips, buffalo and blue cheese pretzels and pizza pretzels soon. I have so many things to try!

Like tonight we had Duck stirfry, this is the first time I’ve tried duck and I liked it a lot. My Dad caught the duck himself and brought it home for supper.

See you all later!!