Hi! Welcome to my very own blog experiment.

I’m Jack, and with the help of my Mom and some pretty amazing people I’ve started this GetAttachment (1)Potato Chip Experiment.

jackOne day I saw a whole lot of different and weird flavors of potato chips on youtube, I asked my mom where they were from and if we could try them. Mom said buying a plane ticket was too expensive so I asked if someone could send us some potato chips. Mom thought about it and said ‘I bet we could find some’ I decided I wanted to try some tayto chips from all around the world and mark them down on a map, just to see where everything came from.

When I’m not hunting for tayto chips, I like playing outside with my friends, I love animals, I’m very curious about science stuff and I love being a Beaver Scout.

I hope you have fun with my Tayto chip tour with me!