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From the land down Under

My Uncle has a friend named Mr. Jim that lives in Australia. We talked to him on skype and he said he was going to send me some chips and he did!

I got the package and there are 6 different kinds to try in there, we tried Smith’s Salt and Vinegar first.

I think they look like the package. I didn’t think they were very salty but kind of sour.

They taste like the ones we get in Canada but I think I like these ones a little bit better because they aren’t too salty and they didn’t hurt my mouth.

They are nice and crunchy and not too thick. The packages are a really good size for a snack or to share with someone else that wants to try them.

if you are going to visit Australia I think you should try these, they are really good. I them 2 thumbs up because I really like them.  I would like to go there one day and see a kangaroo.

We are going to send Mr. Jim some Canadian stuff to try too.  I hope he likes them.

My Uncle tried the chips too and here is what he thought.

We selected Salt & Vinegar. First smell was sweet vinegar smell, not overwhelming.

I like the Australia portion size, perfect for a lunch snack. The chips are also ruffled, which helps them not break and crumble in the package.

The taste was really close to the picture, malt vinegar.  For salt & vinegar, it was not at all too salty.

I would recommend these Australian Smith’s brand salt & vinegar chips, I can’t wait to enjoy these again.

A HUGE thank you to our friend Mr. Jim from Australia for sending a selection of 6 different types of chips AND a special Australian delight! More info and surprises of what that delight is

Salt & Vinegar Smith’s brand . . . 2 thumbs up from me.

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