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BBQ, Saur Kraut and Legen-Dairy Ice Cream

I had to sprinkle the flavor on the chips.  Ive never had to do that before but it was pretty fun. I liked shaking up the bag.  Once we tried them i thought they smelled funny but i was surprised at how good they tasted! kind of a sweet BBQ or maybe a bit like some sushi i’ve had before.  These are my favourite so far, I ate the whole bag and forgot to share more with Mom and Dad.


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Mom and Dad liked them too. They are from China. Mom works with a man that got them for me, he has a cute dog too that I met. His dog is little, much, much smaller than mine!

I hate the gross saurkraut chips but my dad likes tam and my mom doesnt like them. I


dont like it at all, it tastes sooo bad. They taste stinky, or like something is rotten. Like rotten apples with a worm in it. I dont know why Dad likes them . . . they are terrible, i’m never having those again . . . . i do NOT recommend them.

Another exciting thing happened . . . . mom took me to Teeyahs and got me a Legen-Dairy cone. It was AMAZING! I had so much ice cream that tasted like bubble gum, 2 cones, cotton candy, some sour things, gummy bears and I big sucker. I thought I could finish but I didn’t. There are so many cool things there I want to go again. Mom said she would take me for another Legen-Dairy cone but chocolate this time. I can’t wait! If you visit Winnipeg you really need to go there.


Thank you for reading, I’ll see you all next time when I write about more chips and even a couple of new Kit Kat bars.


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