Prawns and Goblins

Today I tried 2 different kinds of chips. They are both from the United Kingdom (When I get a map on here I’ll put a marker on it . . I found it on my globe already)

Spit Roast Steak

2016-05-18 21.38.25

I think they taste like meat. Kind of like steak. They weren’t really really crunchy, but they were nice. Mom and Jason think they taste like HP sauce, I’m not sure what that is but it’s probably ok. I liked them, I gave them 2 thumbs up. I wonder if Goblins make them though  . . . mom said maybe they do. 20160520_171454


Next up is Mom’s favourite. Prawn Cocktail2016-05-18 21.38.40

Mom really liked them, she said they taste just like cocktail sauce. I don’t know what that is. Mom tried to tell me I’ve had it before but I don’t remember.  I think they tasted like cherry tomatoes and something spicy, but not really spicy. I kind of liked them at first but not a lot . . . then I liked them more. I gave them a thumbs up!


next time I’m going to try some from a lady Mom works with . .. Chili Cheese Fries from Minnesota and Biscuits and Gravy from the USA.


Thanks for reading.


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