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From the land down Under

My Uncle has a friend named Mr. Jim that lives in Australia. We talked to him on skype and he said he was going to send me some chips and he did!

I got the package and there are 6 different kinds to try in there, we tried Smith’s Salt and Vinegar first.

I think they look like the package. I didn’t think they were very salty but kind of sour.

They taste like the ones we get in Canada but I think I like these ones a little bit better because they aren’t too salty and they didn’t hurt my mouth.

They are nice and crunchy and not too thick. The packages are a really good size for a snack or to share with someone else that wants to try them.

if you are going to visit Australia I think you should try these, they are really good. I them 2 thumbs up because I really like them.  I would like to go there one day and see a kangaroo.

We are going to send Mr. Jim some Canadian stuff to try too.  I hope he likes them.

My Uncle tried the chips too and here is what he thought.

We selected Salt & Vinegar. First smell was sweet vinegar smell, not overwhelming.

I like the Australia portion size, perfect for a lunch snack. The chips are also ruffled, which helps them not break and crumble in the package.

The taste was really close to the picture, malt vinegar.  For salt & vinegar, it was not at all too salty.

I would recommend these Australian Smith’s brand salt & vinegar chips, I can’t wait to enjoy these again.

A HUGE thank you to our friend Mr. Jim from Australia for sending a selection of 6 different types of chips AND a special Australian delight! More info and surprises of what that delight is

Salt & Vinegar Smith’s brand . . . 2 thumbs up from me.

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S”TREAT”s of World

Lays Pizza Chips

My Mom got them for me at Giant Tiger.  They are limited edition chips.

It tastes like tomatoes, pizza spices, and pizza sauce.  If you like pizza you will like these.


I will definitely buy these again.  I asked my Dad to try a chip, he said it tastes like pizza, I’m so surprised.  Mom said it tastes like pizza sauce. I am sad she thinks it only tastes like pizza sauce and not pizza. My Uncle said it tasted like tomatoes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 10. Dad said 7, Uncle only gave them a 2, Mom gave them a 5. I’m not sure if Uncle should try anymore chips.

see you next time!

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I’m Back!! And I have candy . . .

I have been gone for a long time.  I have been doing a lot of activities with Cub Scouts and school and a bit of shopping too for stuff to write about.

I have a LOT of chips to try, and I’ve tried a whole bunch but today I’m going to talk about some candy too (Mom said she is having trouble getting my pictures on here so I’ll write about candy first)

I get a lot of candy from a really cool store by my Mom’s work downtown its called Teeyah’s and they have So. Much. STUFF! And ice cream – there is a lady there named Paige and she makes the most awesome legendary cones. She has made 2 for me already ( I wrote about them) but I haven’t finished them yet.

Mom won a contest they had and got a big bucket of candy. 300px-Razzles-Wrapper-SmallThe first one I tried were Razzles. They are sour, but then turn into gum.

I’m not really sure if I like that. I tried about 3 and that was enough.

Besides there are pop rocks in there!! I tried strawberry M&M’s. 32892145550_625088e5c0_zI didn’t care for them. They are crunchy and I don’t know any strawberries that are crunchy. I wouldnt buy them.  I did try the butterfinger peanut butter cups though, those were awesome! But they don’t 11559really taste different than peanut butter cups though so I can eat those (and you get 3 in a pack instead of 2)


I did try a couple of chips. One is pizza flavoured nachos and it was good but kind of weird. It really did taste like nachos with pizza spices on them its super cool. The last chips I’m writing about are the Old Dutch Roast Chicken. They were ok, but just ok. I had Roast Chicken flavor from UK and they were so much better. I’d rather not buy these ones again, but I would get the London ones.

This has been a lot of writing for me, i’m still learning to type and it takes a long time.

I will be back soon with more chips and candy!

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BBQ, Saur Kraut and Legen-Dairy Ice Cream

I had to sprinkle the flavor on the chips.  Ive never had to do that before but it was pretty fun. I liked shaking up the bag.  Once we tried them i thought they smelled funny but i was surprised at how good they tasted! kind of a sweet BBQ or maybe a bit like some sushi i’ve had before.  These are my favourite so far, I ate the whole bag and forgot to share more with Mom and Dad.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mom and Dad liked them too. They are from China. Mom works with a man that got them for me, he has a cute dog too that I met. His dog is little, much, much smaller than mine!

I hate the gross saurkraut chips but my dad likes tam and my mom doesnt like them. I


dont like it at all, it tastes sooo bad. They taste stinky, or like something is rotten. Like rotten apples with a worm in it. I dont know why Dad likes them . . . they are terrible, i’m never having those again . . . . i do NOT recommend them.

Another exciting thing happened . . . . mom took me to Teeyahs and got me a Legen-Dairy cone. It was AMAZING! I had so much ice cream that tasted like bubble gum, 2 cones, cotton candy, some sour things, gummy bears and I big sucker. I thought I could finish but I didn’t. There are so many cool things there I want to go again. Mom said she would take me for another Legen-Dairy cone but chocolate this time. I can’t wait! If you visit Winnipeg you really need to go there.


Thank you for reading, I’ll see you all next time when I write about more chips and even a couple of new Kit Kat bars.


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I think the KOREAN BBQ chips were to spicy all I taste is spice, very hot spice. but my dad liked them because he likes spice food. 20171127_1935381391700569.jpg

Everyone liked the BLT.

 20171121_1506151653918827.jpgI tasted egg, bacon, mayo and lettuce. Mom tasted brown bread but I only tasted white bread. Mom didn’t taste any eggs. I don’t know if Dad did or not,  he said all he tasted was potato chips.

This is the first blog I typed all by myself and I am very proud of myself. Mom said she is proud of me too. I really like typing, its very fun!

See you all next time!

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Butterscotch beer and Fried Green Tomato’s

The Butterscotch beer was sweet and tasted like caramel with Sprite. Mom thought it was too sweet to drink and Dad did too but I thought it was pretty good actually. The bottle looked really cool. It had a little cauldron with a broom behind it.  It had gold writing on it, i liked that. Butterbeer

the fried green tomato chips . . . . they have a little tiny bit of spice and a lot of salt. They taste exactly the same as fried green tomato’s but the crunchyness is too much. Fried green tomato’s shouldn’t be that crunchy.  Mom said they taste like mustard . . . I don’t think she is right.


I am going to be writing about lobster chips, buffalo and blue cheese pretzels and pizza pretzels soon. I have so many things to try!

Like tonight we had Duck stirfry, this is the first time I’ve tried duck and I liked it a lot. My Dad caught the duck himself and brought it home for supper.

See you all later!!

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Guacamole, Cucumbers and Sushi Birthday


I’ve had some adventures lately. Mom takes me on adventures when the weather gets warmer . . . my favorite is SUSHI!! We go to magic Sushi 2 here in Winnipeg is Awesome. I can eat more than mom and its so delicious.

The man that is there is really nice too, he gives me juice boxes sometimes and always says Hi. I like to watch them make the sushi too. For my special birthday lunch mom surprised me with sushi at home too, cause I’m 8 now, and it was super fun. Mom bought these rolly stick things she says we can use to make our own. We’re going to try one day. I could eat it every day. Yum!

Also, for my birthday instead of having a big party I got to take 2 of my best buddies to a hockey game it was So. Much. Fun! best birthday ever!  We even got our pictures on the big screen – we looked cool.


Anyway, we tried some more chips.

20170218_185209Guacamole Doritos . . they aren’t actually anything fancy or from a far away place, but they are only here for a little while so mom said we could add them. They are pretty tasty, they don’t really taste like the guacamole that I eat at home but they are sill pretty good.

Then we had Cucumber chips. They are from the same place as the Lime ones that tasted like pie so I thought these were going to be really good cause I like cucumbers too. They weren’t.. They tasted super weird but what made it super weird was they really do taste like cucumbers. I just don’t like them as a chip. They shouldn’t be chips.

Mom and Shanny found some chips from Thailand to try. They are seaweed tempura, and that’s what we have at sushi so these should be awesome. They are not. They are not good at all. They taste like fish, really bad fish. Shanny said they weren’t so bad and ate them. I tried two and I decided no more. Mom had one and couldn’t finish it. I did not like them. At all.

Ive been able to see and do some fun things the last few days. I really like it when mom stays home from work. I get to have fun adventures with her. It makes me happy.

see you all soon!



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Pie in chip form??

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My first fun chips in a long time and I picked the coolest bag ever!  These came in my Japan package and they are AWESOME!


these are my most favorite ones I have had by far. I thought they were going to be sour but they aren’t! The taste exactly like Key Lime Pie. 20170128_192412NO seriously . . . . they actually taste like a piece of pie. The crunchy chip part not really but you cant really taste the potato.

I was Shocked! I didn’t even want to open another bag to try, and that 20170128_192425shocked mom. So I told her they are exactly like pie and she didn’t believe me at first, I could tell, so she ate one and then said they taste just like key lime pie, just like I said. She said they taste creamy like the filling – and I saw her take a couple more so I know she liked them too.

you have GOT to try these, I don’t know why we don’t have them here . . . but they sure make me want to try the blueberry ones if I ever see them.

2 big thumbs up!


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Beaver Badges and Laptops

We aren’t using Dads laptop for my blog but that’s ok because Mom bought a keyboard for her tablet and now its better than Dads laptop so that’s good.

Know what I’m going to be doing this weekend?
TAYTO CHIP TESTING!!! Im so excited, I have all kinds of chips left to try and guess what  . . . I can use my blog to help me get a beaver Scout badge!  Learning all about different countries potato chips means I can get a cooking badge.

Im so stoked!! Do you know how awesome that is?

I wanted to let you guys know i’ll be back and testing more chips. Mom said she really likes helping me with my blog and missed doing it too.

YAY! More Tayto chips!!

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Still no laptop . . . . and now no Teeth!


We still have no computer at home, Mom thinks its funny because my Dad is an IT guy (I call him Dad now and it makes me really happy) I don’t get why mom thinks that’s so funny though.

Anyway  . . . . We’ve had to figure out how to get things to work on moms tablet but now that we have  Bluetooth keyboard its a lot easier to type for Mom and I’m even learning how, its not so hard.

the big news is I had dental surgery. I had a third set of teeth, so the Dentist had to take some out and now I have no teeth in the front. 6 teeth came out. It makes it hard to try chips but I’ve had a bag since they came out. Just one for now, Mom said in the new year we are going to get back to blogging and I’ll be able to try the rest of my stuff.

These ones came from Japan too . . . They had a chicken wing on the front so I thought they would be spicy because that’s what kind Mom always has. But they weren’t spicy at all, they tasted king of like BBQ sauce but  little sweeter than what we have on meat. I liked them, they weren’t my most favorite but I’d have them again.

I’m going to go and play with some of my new Christmas stuff,  I’ll write about that too cause Mom and Dad got me a really bow for hunting (but I’m not old enough yet so only for practicing right now)

I hope you had a great Christmas!